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From Stereochemistry of Functionalized Organosilicon Compounds towards Organolithium Chemistry - Jonathan Bauer

My main research interests include the synthesis, reactivity and application of optically pure silicon-chiral aminomethoxysilanes, deprotonation reactions in the periphery of complex functionalized chiral silanes as well as the mechanistic insight into the stereochemical course of substitution reactions.

As a consequence of our studies on the one-step substitution of silicon-bonded methoxy groups by lithium amides,[1] we introduced a chiral directing group (–NR2*) in our starting compounds which allows a highly stereoselective substitution reaction leading to aminomethoxysilanes of type A.


Furthermore, stereocontrolled deprotonation of a methylene group next to silicon[2] paves the way to complex building blocks (B) with multiple chirality centers.


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